Journalism + Essays

Poetry Society of America

Rich Smith on “OkCupid”

Serrah Russell / Scraps

Aidan Fitzgerald / A Complex Machine

The Stranger

Yes, You Should Vote for Hillary “Just” Because She’s a Woman 

Imagery in Three Dimensions 

Fifty Shades of “Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg” 

A Dictionary of New Terms for Single People

The Project Room
Be Like Mike

City Arts 

The Funniest Book of Poetry in the World 

Stop Using ‘Poet Voice’ 

Blood Quantum Leap: Elissa Washuta’s, My Body Is A Book of Rules 

Mayor’s Arts Award: Alan Chong Lau

Seattle Authors You Should Know: Jane Wong

Seattle Authors You Should Know: Stephen Danos

Lit, Art and Garage Rock 

Michelle Peñaloza’s Landscape / Heartbreak

Cephalopod Appreciation Society: The Gathering

Seattle Authors You Should Know: Lauren Ireland

The Most Pure Thing: Interview with Zubair Ahmed

The Margin Shift Reading Series

Six Pack Series: Rainbow Expansion Unit 

Brenda Miller Jumps into The Furnace

Behold the Cascadia Poetry Festival  

A Book Monger and His Printing Monster

Kevin Young: The Blues Impulse

APRIL Festival Day 6: The Closer

APRIL Festival Day 5: Eat Like Nobody’s Watching 

APRIL Festival Day 4: Mayhem

APRIL Festival Day 3: Intimate Ekphrastics

APRIL Festival Day 2: No-brow

APRIL Festival Day 1: The Launch

APRIL Every March: An Interview with APRIL Festival  

Seattle’s Literary UNESCO Bid

Peter Kline: Hot Prosody 

AWP: How to Attend without Really Attending 

Poetry Northwest

On Tod Marshall’s Bugle 

Interview // Rich Smith v. Lisa Ciccarello, Matthew Dickman, Amber Nelson, Danniel Schoonebeek

AWP Superlatives 

Naming the Animals: Stephen Burt on The Nearly-Baroque in Contemporary Poetry

The Monarch Review 

The Monarch Drinks with Sean Nelson 

Good ‘Oogs


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