The Stranger


Is the Democratic Party Playing Favorites In the Race to Replace Dave Reichert?

New Poll Shows a Democrat Beating Dino Rossi in Race to Replace Rep. Reichert

We Can Have Single-Payer In Washington State by 2020, If We Want It 

The Loser: Three-Time Loser Dino Rossi Is Running for Office. Again. 

Which of These Dems Will Save Us From Dino Rossi? 

Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupt Bernie Sanders at Social Security Rally

What Bernie Sanders Said (and Didn’t Say) After the Black Lives Matter Interruption


Meet John Smelcer, Native American Literature’s “Living Con Job”

Racial Drama Onstage and Racial Tension Backstage at Seattle Rep 

Who Killed Teatro ZinZanni? 

I Feel Like We Say “I Feel Like” All The Time: The Origins and Virtues of One of English’s Most Popular Qualifiers 

Claudia Rankine’s Citizen Will Take You Two Hours To Read, But It Will Stay With You For the Rest of Your Life 

The Frenchy Bromance That Bloomed Between the Great Composer Henri Dutilleux and Seattle Symphony Music Director Ludovic Morlot 

Anastacia-Reneé Is Doing Something Almost No Writers Do: Publishing Three Books in One Year

A Beach Read for People Who Love Hating Things 

Cynics Be Damned–The Lost Pablo Neruda Poems Are Pretty Good, Actually

Beautiful Sentences Can’t Save Lesley Hazleton’s Agnostic From Its Moral Flaws 

Poetry That Deconstructs Language and Love 

City Arts 

The Funniest Book of Poetry in the World 

Stop Using ‘Poet Voice’ 

Blood Quantum Leap: Elissa Washuta’s, My Body Is A Book of Rules 

Kevin Young: The Blues Impulse

Poetry Northwest

On Tod Marshall’s Bugle 

Interview // Rich Smith v. Lisa Ciccarello, Matthew Dickman, Amber Nelson, Danniel Schoonebeek

AWP Superlatives 

Naming the Animals: Stephen Burt on The Nearly-Baroque in Contemporary Poetry


Serrah Russell / Scraps

Aidan Fitzgerald / A Complex Machine


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